24/7 Security Monitoring

One of the main concerns for any website owner is security.

Your website could be your brand or even your storefront, so maintaining the control and safety of it is paramount.

Despite this being the case, most website owners don’t take the steps required to ensure the security of their data and that of their clients or customers.

Lack of awareness is the number one reason that website owners fall victim to hackers. Many small business owners believe that cyber criminals are only interested in bigger companies and websites that see a lot of traffic, which simply isn’t true.

Most hackers aren’t choosing their victims individually; they’re using automated software that scans the internet for websites that are vulnerable and that don’t have the required security measures in place.

Another factor that small website owners don’t take into account is the indirect effects of such an attack on their website or business.

The trust that your visitors and customers place in you will be severely damaged if they know that your site isn’t secure. Their personal information is left in your hands, and the idea of that falling into the lap of a criminal due to your negligence won’t do your brand or business any good.

There are also financial and legal implications in the case of a data breach. If you have been found to be at fault or haven’t taken the proper steps to maintain the security of your site and the details of your visitors you could find yourself on the wrong end of some pretty serious legal action.

Don’t allow your website or business to become another statistic.

Here at WordPress Hero, we are experts in ensuring that your site is as secure as it can be. Years of experience in this field, together with a constant finger on the pulse of the industry allows us to re-main ahead of the game.

Among the services we offer in this regard are ongoing monitoring of sites to stop most attacks be-fore they happen, and if something does get through our safety net, we recover hacked sites within hours.

We also ensure that WordPress and any plugins you are using are kept up to date, and we remove unused plugins as well, helping to maintain the security of the site.

For safety and peace of mind from hackers get in touch today and see how we can help.

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