3 Reasons You Should Be Using WooCommerce

To date, over 16 million people have downloaded WooCommerce for their business, so it’s safe to say the company must be doing something right.

WooCommerce now powers over 37% of all stores online, which is an impressive share of the marketplace.

Below we’ve broken down a few of the reasons why you should be looking to jump aboard the WooCommerce train when it comes to running your eCommerce business.

1. Features


When it comes to website integration any plugin worth its salt has to not only work with WordPress, but work well, and WooCommerce is built to integrate with any existing WordPress site.

As WordPress is now the fastest growing blog/web platform around, it make sense to operate your eCommerce business through this powerful system.

Mobile Compatible

WooCommerce has the capability to help you turn your store into an app, which will widen the scope of your audience significantly.

Quite simply, if your eCommerce site isn’t compatible with mobile you’re losing out on a lot of business, and that number is going to grow over time as mobile gains in popularity.

Around 50% of local business searches on mobile result in either a visit to a physical store that very day, or a purchase being made online.

Sell anything from anywhere

Whether you’re selling physical products, offering digital downloads or managing online subscriptions, WooCommerce can help you do it.

You can sell worldwide with ease or personalise your preference to individual countries, so your business can go global without having to move an inch – you can be sure Woocommerce has everything you need to get the job done.

2. Extend Your Store With Extensions

Whatever your business, whatever your requirements, you can be certain that WooCommerce has extensions to help you get things done without running around between other middlemen and sites to help you get your product out there where it belongs.

From accounting to widgets for your site, accessible by customers from their PC, tablet or phone. Making use of extensions such as Paypal or UPS and ShipStation can help make your life easier and also give your customer a simple and easy buying experience.

Product addons are purchasable and integrated into your site so your customers can easily customize a product or make alterations, offering personalised premium services quickly.

WooCommerce cares about you and your business, and wants to help you make a good impression.

Widgets for sites such as Amazon Payments can be built into your site and remain fully functional so you don’t have to fear that your customers are going to be re-directed to a third-party site which in itself can lead to problems that hinder conversion levels.

There’s plenty of other ways to extend and grow your store too, as WooCommerce has numerous other products available to assist you in whatever area you’re looking to grow or change your business. For example, build courses through Sensei, take bookings and handle memberships and subscriptions directly through WooCommerce.

These are just a few of the many examples, but it makes perfect sense that the world’s most customizable eCommerce platform partners with some of world’s largest and most eCommerce companies.

3. Community and Support

WooCommerce is more than just a platform for you to sell on, it’s a community. Connect with real people across 18 different countries, in just about every time zone you can think of.

With over 350 contributors and 7million downloads to date, it’s no wonder many are choosing this as the place to launch and grow their businesses, with meetups taking place all over the globe, the ethos at WooCommerce transcends the digital world and allows for real life connections to be made. Perhaps this is why it’s one of the fastest growing 100% open-source communities on the web.

Here at WordPress Hero we can get you up & running with WooCommerce quickly, and can take the headache of setting up accounts, choosing plugins and making sure everything is working smoothly.

Get in touch today to discuss the needs of your business and we can provide you with a solution that will work for you.

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