4 Reasons Why WooCommerce is Ideal For Business

WooCommerce’s tagline is WooCommerce – the best eCommerce platform for WordPress.

You’d be right in thinking that a whole host of companies believe their products to be the best, though, and question why WooCommerce is unique.

When it comes to WooCommerce though, they really do have the platform and results to prove they know how to help business users of all sizes and specifications reach their goals.

These web stats from Builtwith show WooCommerce is dominating and leading the future of eCommerce with an almost 40% market share.

To be so decisive in such a competitive and rapidly evolving market WooCommerce is constantly trying to identify and provide the solutions business owners need. To help you see why WooCommerce is ideal for business use, we’ve listed 4 of the top reasons below.

1. The biggest customizable platform there is

Whether you’re showcasing a business portfolio, selling for the first time or use your site to help you manage subscriptions, WooCommerce has one of the cleanest interfaces around, and with Jetpack you’ll be able to enable monitoring and analytics, directly from your website settings.

You have the ability to toggle the options to suit your needs – say goodbye to a clunky website that underperforms and look to the future instead.

Given that WooCommerce is built to work in tandem with WordPress you can work and hone your company blog as well, helping to maximize engagement.

2. Integration with the biggest and best global eCommerce companies

One of the main reasons that WooCommerce is so popular has to do with the extensions and add-ons they offer that are seamlessly integrated directly into your site.

Many eCommerce businesses want to utilize tools such as PayPal and other payment methods, but this often leads to many separate subscriptions and memberships that can be time-consuming to manage.

Using standard website add-ons causes customers to be rerouted to a third-party. This affects the sale process – an integrated system takes the hassle out of adding, upgrading and using features.

Working with some of the biggest eCommerce players will provide you with the best service possible. Many extensions and plugins are free and others can be bought, and of course those services are also customizable to your business. If you went direct to some of these companies, you wouldn’t be able to get some of the features and services they offer through WooCommerce.

3. Features for growth, change and ease

With a range of features to enhance customer experience and make your life easier, you’ll have unlimited possibilities for growth over time. Here’s a few points that could help you take your business to the next level:

  • Choosing where you ship to and who takes care of your shipping, to manipulating the checkout experience by enabling guest checkout and even have specific url’s for each kind of checkout
  • Geo-locating built into your website can identify your customer’s address and location so you can alter any prices and taxes to give both yourself and your client a more custom experience.
  • Manage your store inventory – from monitoring stock levels to hiding out of stock options and holding items back from cancelled orders – all this information can be sent to a custom email to help you stay on track

4. Support and hosting From the #1 open source community on the web

  • WordPress is a free self hosted content management system so it makes sense that Woocommerce should offer you the same, meaning you retain full ownership rights.
  • No Fees: WooCommerce don’t take a cut of your sales – all the money you make selling products through WooCommerce is yours to keep.

Here at WordPress Hero we can assist you in setting up your WooCommerce account, allowing you to concentrate on the running of your business.

Get in touch today to find out more.

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