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The birth of the WordPress Superhero

Superheroes and WordPress are probably not often thought about together. However, if you have set up your website using WordPress (swayed by the millions of people that use wordpress can’t be wrong argument) then you will have at one point been searching for help.

This is is how many people get pulled into what I call the WordPress trap!

The WordPress trap!

Although WordPress makes setting up a website super fast and adding a professionally designed theme is super easy, this easy entry hides what a complex CMS WordPress is. Getting it to do exactly what you want can be tricky or lead you into an unmanageable mess with many plugins and customisations.

Navigating this maze is possible and this is a topic for a future article on how to find a good WordPress developer and what you can do and what is best left to an expert. This is how you avoid the WordPress trap.

Is your website a ‘hit and run’ job?

We came up with the WordPress hero name and idea after helping many people that had either started their own site and got stuck or found someone to build their site for them and ending up with a ‘hit and run’ job with the website not finished or not how they wanted it.

Often these ‘hit and run’ jobs hide a ton of problems behind the scenes which end up costing the owner more to put right than the site cost in the first place.

We see a lot of these rescues, cleaning up and organising the code, ensuring the plugins are compatible and getting the site on a good foundation. These rescue jobs are all too familiar and time and time again we were being called a hero for rescuing the situation and so the name stuck.

Everyone needs a superhero

Yes, including all the WordPress owners. So is our superhero character going to look? Well, it had to be in the style of Superman himself created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel but with a WordPress twist, that much I knew.

I needed to find someone that could create this new character and there was only one place to look and that was at the Kubert School, http://www.kubertschool.edu/ famous for its focus on graphic art and cartooning and a very cool place to be. This is where I found Patrick Thompson, a very talented graphic artist from Australia that studied at the Kubert School.

I was honored that Patrick Thompson agreed to pen the first graphic of our superhero and here is how the character developed


once the inked version was what we needed Patrick continued to develop the character, painting-in to give the character life.


Wow, I’m delighted with the result and it now has pride of place on the home page.

As you can see the website is new and evolving and I want to include more storyboards of our superhero within the site.

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